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About the artist.

Australian native, Gregory Allan has been involved with music most of his life. He began at a young age playing drums, guitar, keyboard and DJ work. He has been writing and producing his own music for many years and began sharing his music to friends for feedback. It was their positive reaction that got him interested in releasing his music to the world audience. He has produced a number of songs. The first official release is Getup which is an inspirational piece. Greg chose the medium of dance to best portray the message of the storyline. With his passion for cinemaphotography coupled with his music, Greg produced the video clip Getup to portray the message of what it is like to attempt, fall and eventually Getup again.

About the skill set.

Greg has many years of professional photography experience. This goes back to the days of film cameras and a darkroom to develop and print photographs 1980’s. He possess over 40 years of photography and cinematography experience. He has owned three studios over the years. The current one is TGPRODUCTIONS.
A while ago he moved into video and cinemaphotography. "The power of computers and software, coupled with amazing digital cameras and cinemaphotography video cameras has really ramped up the creativity and instantaneous work flow" he said.
Some of the wonderful products he works with are Nikon Cameras, Blackmagic 4K video cameras, Ronin image stabilization, Davinci Resolve, Adobe Creative Suite, Logic Pro X & GarageBand.
All these tools were used on Getup to deliver the quality and creative imagery he wanted to deliver in the final production. "It was a great project to work on and I hope people enjoy the artistry, creativity and most importantly the message".

Future Projects

Ozzie is the next project due for release on 24th January 2021. Greg is the singer, song writer and producer of “Ozzie” which is a blues song with just a hint of swing. It is a light hearted, feel good perspective of what it is like being an “Ozzie”.
The words are a portrayal of what he perceives to be as being a part of this amazing landscape.
He reflects on these difficult times, and acknowledges that it is imperative to remember what it is to be a “true blue Ozzie”.  Click here for sample page.

Greg does some freelance work, but he is a bit selective on the projects he works on. If you have any interest in working with him, catchup on the contact us page.
Thank you for taking an interest in Greg's work.
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