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Australian native, Gregory Allan is an artist in many disciplines. He has been involved with music most of his life and is a fifth generation Australian.
His new, soon to be released, song “Ozzie” is a reflection of what it is like to be living in Australia today.
He is the singer, song writer and producer of “Ozzie” which is a blues song with just a hint of swing. It is a light hearted, fun, feel good perspective of what it is like being an “Ozzie”.
The words are a portrayal of what he perceives to be as being a part of this amazing landscape.
He reflects on these difficult times, and acknowledges that it is imperative to remember what it is to be a “true blue Ozzie”.
His wish is that all “Ozzie’s” unite to rise above the difficult challenges we are facing now, and smile and remember what a great nation we are.
Australian's in the past have always been there to help out their mates. Side by side through floods, fires, droughts and even wars.  Aussie's have always had each other's backs and helped out wherever help was needed.
The world acknowledges what a great nation Australia is and the big hearted Australian way of life.
Ozzie is a song designed to celebrate that way of life and what we stand for.

“I hope you enjoy my new song and that it encourages you to have fun and remember what an honour and privilege it is to be an “Ozzie” and a part of this great land.
Regards Greg.

Ozzie song lyrics available here 

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